12 Weeks to THRiVE

Get started on your journey to better health with 12 weeks to THRiVE. THRiVE includes 12 weekly challenges that will help you: treat diabetes, get active, eat healthy, feel well, and take control.

Better health often involves making lifestyle changes. You are more likely to make a change when you:

  • know more about your condition and the actions you can take
  • set goals and create weekly action plans
  • reflect on your plan

Choose a challenge each week to help you reach your goals. THRiVE can help you make changes each day to be healthier and live the best life you can.

How to Use THRiVE

Each weekly challenge has 4 sections to help you reach your goals.


Choose a challenge, watch a short video, and learn what small changes you can make. Begin with Create a Plan for Change, complete the next 10 challenges in any order, and end with Choose Health Everyday.


When you plan your health goals and the steps to achieve them, you are more likely to succeed. In week 1, develop your vision and set goals after you watch the Create a Plan for Change video. In weeks 2 to 12, create weekly action plans to help you reach your goals. Save or print your action plan each week.


Once you create your action plan, it is time to start making a change. Follow your action plan for the week.


Return to the website near the end of the week to reflect on what went well and what did not go as planned. Complete the form and save or print your reflection each week. Return to the site at any time to watch the videos again or to create weekly action plans.